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[Sponsored Video] Britzing the NT with Lynton Tapp – Campervan travel in Australia’s Northern Territory

The Northern Territory is home to the best of Australia’s Outback. With its vast distances the best way to discover the NT is with a campervan. Britz Campervan have teamed up with Tourism NT to show how it can be done with a video series, “Britzing the NT with Lynton Tapp”.

The series is all about discovering the great outdoors of the NT in a Britz Campervan, featuring Masterchef runner-up, Lynton Tapp. A camper is the perfect vehicle to travel in the Outback, with plenty of opportunities to set up camp in some stunning locations that you would never experience by flying or getting the bus. Even if you have your own car there are some road you wont be able to travel on in a regular 2WD.

Lynton Tapp as travel narrater is ideal as he grew up in Katherine, which is the gateway town to the incredible Katherine Gorge. In the series he takes you around the NT to some of the many highlights of the Territory, and while he’s at it shows how easy it is to drive the vehicle through all terrains.

Setting up camp in a Britz is a breeze as well, with camper being especially designed to be set up quickly and efficiently. Britz campers also have inbuilt cooking facilities as well, so self-catering no problem as there is no need to run around looking for a campsite.

Watch the series here:

Britzing the NT with Lynton Tapp:

Road Trip:

Do the NT in a Britz:

Or watch at YouTube – Britzing the NT with Lynton Tapp: Road Trip!

To find out more about the Northern Territory check out the NT’s Australia’s Outback website.

[This post was sponsored by Britz Campers.]

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