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[Sponsored Video] Airbnb – Making the world magically smaller

Airbnb have released a new promotional video which has raised the stakes on the creativity front. The video shows a journey on a miniature toy train that passes through different homes and landscapes, with homes and scenery switching just like a mechanical train set.

Check it out here:

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The first time I saw this I kept asking myself if this is CGI as there is so much detail. There is no computer wizardry though; this film was created in a warehouse in Auckland, New Zealand using a handcrafted set. 30 people spent fives weeks (over 2400 craftsmen hours) to create this set. The figurines were hand-made (96 in all) as were the trees, flowers, and grass. The castle was made with a 3D printer and then hand painted.

Not only is the set incredibly detailed, but the film was shot in one take. I’ve watched it a few times now and I keep picking up little details in the set. All of the train switches were moved by hand as the train made its way through the set. The lighting was also done on set. As you could imagine it would take some effort to shoot in one take, and it took 85 takes to get.

The video was created to be real and unique, just as a stay is at an Airbnb property is with its hundreds of thousands of unique properties in 190+ countries. Airbnb facilitate unique accommodations from local hosts and they have truly created something unique with this video.

[This post was sponsored by Airbnb but all editorial are my own.]

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