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Interrail Sale

5% off all Interrail passes for a limited time

If you are a European resident then you qualify for the Interrail Pass, which allows you to travel in 30 European countries for up to one month. You can also buy a pass for just one country. My InterRail are running a flash sale and they are offering 5% off all Interrail passes for a […]


The Extraordinary Zakynthos

Spectacular landscapes- check. Stunning sunset – check. Crystal clear blue waters – check. Zakynthos… what else can you ask for? This is probably the most beautiful place on the face of the earth. There’s nothing like the connection with nature one can expect from Zakynthos. This timelapse film that has been awarded the “Best Timelapse” […]


Inspiring Sri Lanka

If you’re looking for an energy fix, this video won’t give you any. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more vivid inspiration that lets you experience traveling in a whole new level, this is a must-watch. Timelapse Media presents a film that is focused on Sri Lanka’s amazing scenery, wonderful culture, and […]

Time and Again

Adventures Across The World

How does one fit 3 years’ worth of footage and over 6 thousand photos into a 4-minute video? Kien Lam has traveled across 15 countries and shares his experiences through this wonderfully-produced time lapse. From the streets of London to the festivals of India, from the beaches of Mexico to Sydney’s busy streets, Lam has […]


The Natural Wonders of Uganda

Living in the midst of skyscrapers and busy streets, it’s not hard for me to appreciate the simple, laid back life in the rural areas. Just when I was in the mood for such, I came across this video by Ben Steensels. Aptly titled “Uganda,” this video gives us a rare glimpse of everything Uganda- […]