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Stilt Fishermen, Dalawela [Sri Lanka]

Stilt fishermen at Dalawela, Sri Lanka. [Photo courtesy of]

Breathless in Antarctica

Antarctica’s remarkable tourism boost over the years can only be attributed to its surreal natural wonders. Since the 90’s, a number of tourist attractions that give visitors a taste of a breath-taking experience in the continent have been made available. A 20-day trip to Antarctica was all it took for Kalle Ljung to deliver an […]

Pechersk Lavra, Kiev [Ukraine]

Kiev’s Pechersk Lavra: Translating to Monastery of the Caves, this beautiful golden domed UNESCO World Heritage Site was built atop monastic caves that date back more than nine centuries. Next door you will find the impressive Great Lavra Belltower and St. Sophia Cathedral. These all just add to the reasons why Ukraine should be on […]

Travel Podcasts

If you are home dreaming about your next trip then these podcasts will get you inspired to travel again. We’ve put together a list of podcasts from a variety of travel topics. If you know a podcast that should be featured here let us know! Travel Podcast Directory Travel with Rick Steves A weekly one-hour […]

Trans-Siberian Journey

Seat 22 is aptly named after Stanislas Giroux’s train seat when he embarked on a 3-week journey through three countries starting in Beijing. As he makes his way through Mongolia and towards his destination, Moscow, Giroux has documented every step of his journey in what I can only describe as an astounding time-lapse production that […]