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Vietnam’s Beauty

This is an impressive video of an epic adventure throughout Vietnam in a 45-day journey. Georgy Tarasov and his brother documented their adventure and created a stunning video that shows us more than what we think we already know about the country. Trekking through the suburbs and the less busy countryside, and biking towards the […]

An Inspiration From Vietnam

In 2013, reports about the reduction of poverty in Vietnam reached the world. Although according to the reports it was yet to be considered done, the remarkable progress of the country is proof that fixing this problem is indeed doable. Amidst this progress are people still waiting for their chance towards a better life. A […]

Ponta de Piedade – Lagos [Portugal]

Ponta de Piedade – Lagos, Portugal. [Photo courtesy of]

5 highlights of Iceland

[Blue Lagoon photo by] Rugged fjords, majestic glaciers and bubbling hot springs are few among the many natural features that give Iceland its easy beauty. Situated atop the world’s widest expanse of active volcanoes just at the tip of the Arctic Circle, the country has landscapes with unrivalled allure. There are many things to […]

Economy passenger upgraded to “private jet” on flight to Boracay

One lucky passenger got the flight of their life on a trip to Boracay in the Philippines. Alex from Diary of Alex boarded his flight in Manila to find that he was the only passenger onboard. Technically it wasn’t a private jet as it was a turboprop, but either way Alex got to enjoy the […]