Breathless in Antarctica

Antarctica’s remarkable tourism boost over the years can only be attributed to its surreal natural wonders. Since the 90’s, a number of tourist attractions that give visitors a taste of a breath-taking experience in the continent have been made available. A 20-day trip to Antarctica was all it took for Kalle Ljung to deliver an […]

Trans-Siberian Journey

Seat 22 is aptly named after Stanislas Giroux’s train seat when he embarked on a 3-week journey through three countries starting in Beijing. As he makes his way through Mongolia and towards his destination, Moscow, Giroux has documented every step of his journey in what I can only describe as an astounding time-lapse production that […]

The Swiss Alps

What do you get when you put together eight amazing photographers on a trip? Awesome videos, of course! When Markus Kontiainen joined a group of photography enthusiasts to the Swiss Alps, he made sure his own version of the trip was not to be forgotten. Needless to say, he succeeded. This is a video that […]

An Aerial View of Jordan

So the drones have been making their way into the hearts of many, there’s no doubt about that. In my search for videos captured by drone technology, I came across “Jordan from the Air,” a short film created by Matador Network. I didn’t know what to expect, not having any idea what to expect finding […]

Colorful Cuba

Havana is famous for its Spanish architecture that is evident in its museums, and the colorful cabarets and clubs that offer tourists an experience of a lifetime. Joshua Morin features Cuba in this inspiring video that takes us to the lively streets of Havana on their Christmas break trip to the country. This staff-pick video […]

Mesmerized in Turkey

After watching dozens of upbeat travel videos I found myself needing to relax and searching for a video to watch that would allow me to do so. Wander in Turkey delivers a different perspective of a traveler’s mind- it shows us that traveling is not just about having fun and making friends- it’s also about […]

The Ganges Travels

I’ve done a review of one of Brandon Li’s videos, and now I’ve stumbled upon another one of his. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I didn’t end up disappointed. Another classic, another masterpiece. This video is entitled, “Gateway to the Ganges.” This is one of the few videos I’ve seen that deviate […]

The Extraordinary Zakynthos

Spectacular landscapes- check. Stunning sunset – check. Crystal clear blue waters – check. Zakynthos… what else can you ask for? This is probably the most beautiful place on the face of the earth. There’s nothing like the connection with nature one can expect from Zakynthos. This timelapse film that has been awarded the “Best Timelapse” […]

Inspiring Sri Lanka

If you’re looking for an energy fix, this video won’t give you any. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more vivid inspiration that lets you experience traveling in a whole new level, this is a must-watch. Timelapse Media presents a film that is focused on Sri Lanka’s amazing scenery, wonderful culture, and […]

Adventures Across The World

How does one fit 3 years’ worth of footage and over 6 thousand photos into a 4-minute video? Kien Lam has traveled across 15 countries and shares his experiences through this wonderfully-produced time lapse. From the streets of London to the festivals of India, from the beaches of Mexico to Sydney’s busy streets, Lam has […]